CauseForce works with hospital foundations and other not-for-profit organizations to help them raise funds for their mission. Since its inception in 2002, CauseForce programs have raised in excess of $700 million dollars. CauseForce events deliver thousands of new constituents, tens of thousands of new donors, millions of media impressions and generates new money that will power critical initiatives that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.
Over the past decade, The Collective/INTENT Media have aligned with CauseForce in an effort to help generate these all-important participant leads and registrations in such high profile fundraising events.
INTENT Media plans and buys media throughout Canada, as well as the US and Australia, to promote interest and encourage registration in these events and has been doing so for the past 12 years. Media is all planned from our Toronto office, with support resources in Sydney Australia, Baltimore Maryland, and Montreal Quebec.
We work with a variety of stakeholders/partners with the common goal of delivering registration and leads for our events through highly strategic media planning & buying, media sponsorships and other strategic tactics. Our annual media spends exceed 4 million dollars nationally in Canada, alone, and include broadcast, print, outdoor and of course, a great deal of digital media. Our ongoing challenge is to ensure we effectively generate leads and registrations, with limited budgets and in a very competitive environment, through media acquisition and value-added deliverables.
Utilizing our refined and sophisticated media planning, media measurement and media activation approach, we were able to ensure maximum optimization and performance in the case of ever-shrinking budgets.

View our three-part strategy for CauseForce:

PHASE I begins with an examination of all of the data available to us from the previous year’s event marketing program. We look at key inputs and client insights – these are constantly evolving from year to year, execution to execution and market to market. Our client involvement is high, our objectives are set, benchmarks are established, previous year’s trends, stats and results are analyzed, and a general planning roadmap is created.
IN PHASE II, we actively engage the media community and bring them into “tent” with us in a meaningful way. We share all the relevant data, objectives and measurement metrics in great depth and do so with a high level of passion & excitement, thus encouraging them to participate with us as partners.

Together, we explore and co-create a custom approach that best activates their tools, assets, personalities and unique audiences. We empower these partners to develop something measurable based on results (leads and registrations), not simply cost efficiency.
Our goal is to include a wider variety of stakeholders in this phase (sales, promo, management, editorial, web, etc.) and start from an approach of total integration. The outcome of this phase is the development of a plan, which we believe best delivers on our detailed objectives and desired outcomes. At this stage we will have identified our key partners, usually multi-media entities with Broadcast and other media channels such as Bell Media, Rogers etc. We'll go out of our way to make face-to-face connections, not only in our local markets but new markets we enter as well - and like to engage with many of the key media stakeholders within that market in an effort to help create the collaborative and impactful relationship that positions everyone for success.
IN PHASE III, the plan is approved and we are able to activate on all the agreed upon deliverables. As in all partnerships we work on, we ensure that all deliverables are met from both sides. We provide assets, scripts and toolkits to our partners to execute on the custom programs. We work on new revenue streams to benefit the partner and client, creating a true partnership and fueling momentum. We ensure that there is an on-going flow of data and results to inform tweaks and course corrections along the way, either weekly or in real-time. The goal of this phase is to ensure value beyond what we can ‘buy’ is achieved at the highest levels. Throughout, we constantly use real-time data to ‘evaluate’, test and check and make sense of what we see in the interest of efficiency and optimization of our efforts. INTENT has activated media sponsorships with dozens of media partners in markets throughout North America and Australia. These include local TV, Radio, Print and Digital partnerships through Multi-Channel programs with media ownership groups like Bell Media, Rogers, Clear Channel, NBC, Comcast and many others.
New Key Operating Indicator (KOI) methodologies / tools were developed to more effectively measure response rates (registrations and requests for more info) attributed to each media vendor we purchased. We were able to better determine cost per leads and cost per registrations for every vendor on our buy. This allowed for continual real-time optimization of our media buys, which led to improved efficiency and leveragability, as we had data to share with our media partners.

In addition to a paid media plan, we challenged ourselves to better activate/motivate our long-standing partnership with our media sponsors. We have always been able to negotiate better than a 4 - 1 ratio of no charge vs. paid media, as well as numerous other deliverables such as: station promotions, live reads, digital support, bonus spots and live ad-libs, including third party sponsorships and station personality participation and fundraising in our events. As one example, for the Toronto Ride to Conquer Cancer, the value back to the 2013 event was well over $300K for this component alone.
Activations/Sponsorships include but are not limited to PSA/CSA support, talent participation, 3rd Party partner activations, ‘best in class’ promotional programs aimed at recruitment, editorial support, Gift in Kind support, and Corporate Engagement/CSR.


One example for Toronto 2013, The Ride to Conquer Cancer was able to realize a significantly higher net return to the hospital beneficiary. We were able to grow registration by 10% over the previous year and did so by spending $120,000 less. The cost per registrant attributed to media decreased by 11% while the overall fundraising total increased by almost $3,000,000 (18%). The Toronto event was the largest single market fundraiser in Canadian history and in 2013 raised close to $20 million.